Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Myrrh Woman

Every stylist has their own approach with regards to dressing up their clients. I can say that on top of every stylist's technique, how detailed it could even get, the beauty of the look will always depend if the person wearing it gets to bring life to the entire outfit. I thank God for giving me these women - who, more than being the country's most beautiful and talented, are walking and living proofs of both beauty seen inside-out.

Bea Alonzo
It is hard to build a relationship with someone who can't be real on and off the camera. Thank heavens Bea spared me and everyone she works with, that extra load of work. She is as real as how you see her – most of the time laughing in between stories she shares with the rest of her style team while getting prepped up for a show or an event. She is aware of what she wants and that being said she would immediately let you know what's lacking whenever she's not happy or comfortable with what she's in – something that is really helpful on my end because the moment she tells me the portion of what's missing, it brings me to a clearer idea of what look I should be doing while not sacrificing her own style.

K Brosas
She's funny, I know everyone gets it. But how she puts her trust in me is another thing. Every time I let her slip into a garment, she automatically transforms into another character and plays the role of the one in sync with the outfit. One time I dressed her up as Katy Perry, she started singing her songs and went from that funny tall comedienne to that sweet but naughty performer. She is one constant outlet for me to build my confidence in because she ALWAYS tells me how I will be going a long way in this line of job – something I will always remember of her doing.

Maricar Reyes
Generous and very loyal, that is what she's made of. Her beauty never goes into her head, instead, she has always kept her feet on the ground staying always low-key. I have known her for almost two years and she's indeed one of the few who keep a strong border between what's happening with work and what's personal. I love that she always puts her trust in my skills and brings the positive attitude every time I dress her up. Every chance she gets, which is something I find so sweet, she asks me to style her for almost everything you can imagine. What people don't normally see is her being very positive about life – that the things we all do will always just make us better persons everyday.

Ruffa Gutierrez
Glamorous and such a funny person. Whenever she tells us her stories, I always make sure to keep an open ear and listen to every word she says, because more that the genuine message being conveyed, most of the time, we just end up laughing at maybe how she relates it, or on what the entire story is about. She shows appreciation in a very strong but sweet manner and every time I get to work with her, no moment of uneasiness exists. She makes it all simple and detailed both at the same time – gets her hair and makeup done, splashes Jo Malone on her body, slips into the outfit, sprays perfume and everyone's happy.

Shaina Magdayao
For someone who is in the business that long, it is hard to believe that she's a very cunning person to everyone she works with. More that all the clothes, shoes and fashion, we talk about other life stories like how her recent trips were and all the new things she has learned from almost everything. She's another woman who knows what she wants and it does really help. She always values the opinion of others – especially the ones she trusts and I'm happy to be one. Her attitude towards work inspires me that every so often when she's worn out, she still manages to get up, dress up and show up.

After doing a rundown of these women, I just realized that although these women embody beauty in various and unique ways, they all happen to be the type of person who are confident and aware of what they want while still keeping an open mind and heart for polishing possibilities.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

ASAP Rocks - February 12, 2012

On Shaina: Pablo Cabahug mullet dress, Ken Samudio earrings
On Bea: Pablo Cabahug jumpsuit, Eric Manansala earrings

On Bea: Chris Diaz dress, Ken Samudio earrings
On Shaina: Charina Sarte dress, Ken Samudio earrings

Bea's Giuseppe Zanotti and Shaina's Lanvin heels